Nothing wrong to be a child again

Nothing wrong to be a child again

Are you a game player or just a fond of games? We have something very special for you. Do not believe those, who say games are only for children. Games are for everyone. The truth is, who play games, stay maybe childish a little longer than necessary, but what is wrong with that?

Do you remember the feeling you had, when you were playing high and seek with your friend as very little? The adrenaline you felt every time someone was passing you by, but you were hidden very well. So, you knew, they are not going to find you. But still. That feeling! And then when you were a little older, maybe eleven or thirteen years old and you were playing the games with your peers but with hand made guns? Like a bow or slingshot. So, you could shoot someone or to get shot! How cool was that? And then when you were a really good child, you got the game gun from your parents. That was the greatest gun you had at that age and you were only 14! Your friends maybe didn´t have as good weapons as you did, but it did not matter back then. What mattered was just that feeling again!

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I know what you are thinking now. Is it too silly to want to do that again? To feel that game adrenaline again? Absolutely not! Only come and try and you will never want to leave. At you can play various cool games, that will bring so much joy into your life, that you did not even think to have again since you were twelve. Your girlfriend will not like it, we can tell. But you will love it!


Intermediate game Curse is the game for ones who like shooting as well as challenges. You have the chance to use a blaster and phaser as a weapon. At the beginning there is a one random player to be chosen as cursed. This makes game more fun and a bit more difficult than a Deatch Match, which you have got to try some other time too!

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